Yukon Blonde dive into hazy, psychedelic sound in single “You Were Mine”

Vancouver-based band Yukon Blonde rewrite their previous sound and try something new with their new single “You Were Mine.”

The song comes ahead of an album, Vindicator, which is out Nov. 13, 2020 via Dine Alone Records.

“You Were Mine” is a completely self-produced single by the band, having been brought to life in various Vancouver-area locations. It has a distinct DIY ethos and features steady drums as a framework for the song’s layers of psychedelic keys and groovy bass lines. The layered guitars get a special feature in the bridge, slowing down the middle of the track before picking up and driving into a second play of the chorus. Its overall sound is reminiscent of projects by Pond and Post Animal.

Imagery of spinning circles, blooming flowers and checkerboards punctuate the song’s lyric video. Additionally, synth vocals are played over quick-moving imagery of people dancing, bringing the song to a fast and danceable close.

Stream “You Were Mine” now and look for Vindicator out in November.

Check out the lyric video below:






Photo by: Jeff Innes