Women’s Day Recommendations! (Feat. Alex Lahey, Becca Mancari, & Addie Sartino)

March is designated as Women’s Month and, here at COLLiDE, we spoke to some of our favorite artists to talk about their favorite artists! Throughout time women have had immense importance to music, often not ever being recognized with the respect they deserve. Whether it be Ella Fitzgerald who stood as the first woman to ever win a Grammy, Patti Smith blazing a unique path of punk for others to follow, or Madonna busting out though the 80’s as one of the biggest artists in the world, women have paved the way for music as we know it to be today.  Here are some recommendations coming from some of COLLiDE’s favorite women artists in the scene right now. 


Recommended by Alex Lahey: 

Melbourne’s own pop-punk representative, Alex Lahey, chimes in with her recommendations! 

Brittany Howard: “There’s something so fearless about Brittany’s music, whether it’s in her solo projects, Alabama Shakes or her frequent collaborations. She’s so aware and in control of all the sonic decisions in her recordings and performances, but doesn’t ever let that take away from the strong connection the forges with her audience from the moment she’s on stage.”


Illuminati Hotties: “I reckon Sarah Tudzin is a bit of a genius. She writes sick songs, has a ripping live show, makes wild records and is a super great person to hang with. Also, she knows how to stick it to “the man”. I love it.”


Jenny Owen Youngs: “You know how some people are “guitar shredders”? Well, Jenny is a “song shredder.” Jenny is perhaps the most gifted songwriter I’ve ever come across and I love everything she does – whether it’s under her own name or working alongside other artists in their own projects. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jenny quite a bit and I always come out of our time together with a totally extended perspective on writing songs and making music.”


Recommended by Addie Sartino: 

Lead singer of the Kansas City indie quartet, The Greeting Committee, Addie Sartino gives her three favorites!

Amy Winehouse:I’m not sure there’s an artist who better let’s you see them through the sound of their voice and all it’s humanness. Her lyrics are vulnerability in every sense of the word.”


Hayley Williams: “Every girl who wants to be a rockstar wants to be one because of Hayley. She’s an incredible leader, role model, lyricist, performer, vocalist. An incredible WOMAN.” 


Taylor Swift: “She is the icon of my generation. Whether people want to subscribe to that idea or not, it’s true. She’s intelligent beyond intelligent. And talented beyond talented”


Recommended by Becca Mancari:

Nashville based indie-folk artist, Becca Mancari, gives one of her all-time favorites! 

Natalie Prass: “Natalie Prass, I repeat, Natalie Prass!! If you are not familiar you need to change this immediately. Natalie, is one of those rare humans who feels so timeless and classic, and yet is pushing the boundaries of music. Her ability to perform perfect (and I mean perfect!) vocals in a live setting is undeniable greatness that I have rarely experienced in person. She sets the bar so high in every aspect of music from the writing, to the choices she makes in the studio, to the way she glides across the stage, she is truly captivating and just so worth all of your time and attention.” 


Be sure to check out all of these artists this month! Not just the ones who are recommended, but the ones who are recommending the artists too! Diversifying your music taste is important and these artists are some of the best that you can find. 

photo by: Zac Farro/Jack Stafford/Caleb Nelson