Bay Area Eats: Brunch, Burritos and Dim Sum

If you’re eating an avocado turkey burger right now, you can pretty much thank the Bay Area food scene for that quintessential California flavor. The emphasis on fresh, local ingredients is huge in the bay, especially with the influence of food masters like Alice Waters, who is considered to be the mother of California cuisine and the organic food revolution. Plus you can find delicious food everywhere you go, not just in upscale eateries. For now we’ll cover our favorite Bay Area categories: brunch, burritos and Dim Sum.

Cactus Taqueria / Ron Dollete Flickr


El Farolito 
Located in the Mission District. Recommended by Geographer.

Cactus Taqueria
Located in Oakland. Recommended by SWMRS. 

Shanghai Dumpling King / Rick Flickr

Dim Sum

Shanghai Dumpling King
Located in the Outer Richmond. Recommended by Geographer. 

Ton Kiang
Located in the Outer Richmond. Recommended by The Stone Foxes.  

Shandong Restaurant 
Located in Oakland. Recommended by SWMRS. 

Wise Sons / courtesy of Wise Sons


Wise Sons
Located in the Mission District. Recommended by Geographer. 

Eddie’s Cafe
Located in Alamo Square. Recommended by The Stone Foxes. 

Mama’s Royal Cafe
Located in Oakland. Recommended by SWMRS. 

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photo by: Nick Fisher / Flickr; Peter Rintels / Flickr