WEDNESDAY PLANS: Yumi Zouma at the Bootleg
show preview

New Zealand natives Yumi Zouma make their way across the globe to play Los Angeles in support of their latest album Willowbank.  The album is a softer version of the electropop they put forth on their debut album Yoncalla that came out in 2016, it’s like they’ve dropped down a octave from electropop to dream pop.  Think more soft blends of dreamy vocals over melodic hooks than electronic beats.  One can only imagine their show will deliver a lush cool that hits the senses in all the right spots at the Bootleg Wednesday night.

On the lineup for support they have Chad Valley and Neil Frances, which means it’s going to be a banger.  Tickets for Wednesday’s show here.

We caught up with the Kiwi foursome to chat about their hometown of Christchurch, NZ and some of their favorite things.

Favorite restaurant and why? What’s your order?
Dimitri’s – best Greek food in NZ! Souvlaki!

Favorite bar and why? What’s your drink order?
Civil & Naval – because all the mates. A bramble.

Favorite coffee shop and why? What’s your drink order?
Supreme – great fries / great coffee – iced latte.

 What are some underrated buildings or landmarks you love and why?
Riccarton Racecourt market – because it’s Sam’s favourite thing to do on the weekend, and you can get great Thai food there.

Where would you recommend out-of-towners stay?
 The George.

Favorite place to catch a show and why?
The Darkroom – because we played our first show there!

Best karaoke in town?
Ancestral! Charlie went there for his 21st bday.

Favorite boutique and why?
The Flock – the perfect combo of ceramics, handmade jewelry, and Kowtow clothing.

What’s the most inspiring outdoor space and why?
Corsair bay – beautiful photo opps.

If someone only had 24 hours in your city, what would you recommend they see and do?
Go see a movie at Alice’s, see the Chch Art Gallery, go to the Conservatory at the Botanic Gardens, go for a swim at Corsair Bar, then get a drink at Civil & Naval.

What does your city have that you can’t find anywhere else?
The best bays to swim in!

Do you draw inspiration from your city and if so, how does it inform your music?
Yes! Any natural disaster makes you test the idea of permanence.

Favorite city to have a day off:
Josh: Tokyo, go gawk and the vintage synth stores in Shibuya.

Favorite city to play:
Charlie: SF! Rickshaw stop is my fav venue. Always a great crowd and the city has a great vibe.

Best city to go see a show and what venue:
Olivia: Wellington! San Fran (the venue) it’s actually pretty awesome and a great size. The green room is literally green lol!

What venue has the best hospitality backstage:
Christie: Blue Smoke Christchurch, there is a deli next door and the snacks are a++.

Favorite road meal:
Sam: Whiskey.

Favorite ice cream flavor:
Charlie: Salted Caramel Christie: Strawberry Gelato.

If you could go to one city and have one meal what would it be and where would you go:
Chennai: Thali with Dosa.

Who is the van DJ and what do they play:
Charlie: Me! Pop bangers and glam rawk. 

Room service order:
All: Filthy burger and fries. 

What city inspires you musically:
Olivia: Wellington! Huge variety and you can walk between gigs.

Studio Seamless order when recording:
Christie: Thai!

What’s in your rider:
Sam: Cured meats and Baileys.

Weirdest place you’ve ever written a song:
Josh: Airbus A350 bathroom, very inspiring. 

Google Maps or Waze:
All: G Maps dawg.

Snapchat or IG:
All: The Gram! 

Uber or Lyft:
Lyft, Uber is gross :-/

photo by: Aaron Lee