WATCH: Zoe Zobrist gets vulnerable about love in video for single “Fire”

Zoe Zobrist’s soothing tone stands out as she sings about the hesitations and unknowns that come with starting a new relationship.

The video for “Fire” is simple and stripped down, with soft red, orange and white backgrounds that allow for Zobrist to take center stage. A film grain effect is layered on top of the video, adding to its vintage aesthetic.

Regarding the song, Zobrist said it was about choosing someone to love despite the craziness of daily life.

“’Fire’ is about the uncertainty of loving someone,” Zobrist said. “Life happens and nothing is guaranteed but we choose someone anyways. It’s about how that doesn’t go away through difficult times.”

Throughout the song, Zobrist seems as if she’s speaking directly to her lover: lyrics like “I would follow you into the desert” and “I would fight off all your monsters” show and confirm her love for this person. It’s clear that Zobrist has depth and that she wants depth within this emerging relationship.

“It’s such an incredible thing that we can see someone and be seen in each other’s entirety and stick through that,” Zobrist said.

Overall, “Fire” is beautiful and soothing and Zobrist will be someone to watch in the upcoming year.

Watch the video for “Fire” now: