WATCH: Shotty want to “get to know you” in latest single & accompanying video

The Seattle-bred band combines elements of synth-pop with a classic rock influence to create a single that makes the listener feel like the main character of a funky, upbeat video game.

Shotty—the project of friends Pat Moon and Miles Frank— has created a single that’s infectious and layered with a plethora of sounds. The lyrics are a little yearning, giving the listener that same “butterflies-in-your-stomach” energy familiar to anyone who’s gone through adolescence.

Their accompanying visualizer gives off the vibe of 80s rock band footage, helping the band live up to their reputation for being “Queen meets Queens of the Stoneage.” The video is fuzzy and colorful in the best of ways. Having filmed it in on stage in a local venue, the setting combines with the yearning lyrics to really make the listener miss the ambience of live shows.

“I Wanna Get to Know You” taps into the familiarity of the PNW sound all while showing that the region is so much more than the grunge era that put Seattle on the map. For fans of rock, synth pop and that angsty, fuzzy sound, shotty is an artist to watch.

Check out the visualizer for “I Wanna Get to Know You” now:




Photos courtesy of Shotty.