WATCH: NEIL FRANCES “On The Lookout (feat. Raffaella)”

From the LA duo that brought you the alternative dance hit, “Music Sounds Better With You,” NEIL FRANCES (joined by the effortlessly cool Raffaella) released a music video to accompany their latest release, “On The Lookout.”


Raffaella came into her first meeting with the two producers with a concept that resonated with all three artists; the cultural fascination with celebrity and proximity to fame. The hook of the song makes the plea “Somebody famous, hit me with your car,” a popular phrase often use alongside “punch me in the face” or “stomp on my neck” for megafans to grab the attention of celebrities. These violent yet sexy demands to admired celebrities were a point of bewilderment and humor for the three. “We hope these comments are tongue-in-cheek or hyperbolic expressions but as we all know, in every joke lies a sinister truth” – NEIL FRANCES explains about the theme of their track. 


Observing this widespread desire to acquire fame at any cost was the force that made the writing process so seamless. The three finished writing the song in a matter of hours after their meeting, eventually creating the endlessly fun and addictively groovy track. I believe “On the Lookout” is bound for the same amount of attention from young audiences that boosted their top performing tracks. I’ve already added the track to my feel-good playlist and I’m hoping to hear more collaborations with these artists in the future.


The chemistry among the three is apparent in their quirky new video. We follow Raffaella and the guys after she lands in Los Angeles to go on the lookout for someone famous to hit her with their car. As they dance and post signs throughout the city, they appear to be close friends having a blast prancing around LA. Their silliness is infectious and complements the light-hearted and cheeky track perfectly.


Watch Here:




photo by: Kyle Jetter