Glam Rock

The New York City glam rocker took to the venue for a live performances of some of his biggest songs.


Live music is something of a hot commodity these days.

With countless shows cancelled, tours postponed, and festival dates still up in the air, fans are hungry to see their favorite artists in concert again. Luckily, Micky James donned his shiniest gold fringe and turned on the swagger for a new live performance filmed at The Met Philadelphia, directed by the artist himself

Despite having no audience, James brought the intensity and energy of an electric live performance. From the second the lights come up, the artist is on fire, launching into an impassioned rendition of “Tie Me Up,” and he doesn’t let up until the closing acoustic number.

Cycling through a handful of favorites like “Crybaby,” “Kings” and “Rest Of The Best,” James grooves his way through the set, head-banging to the hard-rock electric guitar passages and gliding across the stage as his backing band jams on. The performance is reminiscent of the best of ‘70s classic and ‘80s glam but with a decidedly modern feel. Here, James is channeling his inner Bowie, Jagger and Mercury – a rock star through and through.

The New York City artist is in his element on stage, and it shows. As the set goes on, it’s clear from his showmanship that James missed performing as much as we missed watching him.

“Performing live is my passion, and ultimately that’s the version of myself that I feel most comfortable with. It was crushing to face the absence of live music in 2020, but I think people are as thirsty as ever to have that feeling again – that feeling of electricity and pure escape. With that being said, I feel there has been an absence of true “rock-n-roll” in live entertainment in recent years. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to showcase what I think a lot of people are longing for. That’s why I decided to do something special and film a live performance with my band at a local venue such as The Met Philadelphia. We were fortunate to be able to team up with a fantastic crew to execute this idea and bring such an iconic venue back to life during a shutdown. Though this was filmed during unprecedented times, my goal was to make a live concert experience that felt authentic and timeless. Even without an audience, the experience was surreal. I’m confident live music will be back bigger and more beautiful than ever, and I hope this gives fans and concert-goers a glimpse of hope for what’s to come in the new year,” he said.

Check out the new live set from Micky James below!










photo by: Zakk Connor