WATCH: Kaleena Zanders releases music video to go with single “Reload” about personal experiences with police brutality

Brightly colored and beautifully animated, Kaleena Zanders’ latest music video makes tangible the ever timely and overwhelming topic of America’s police brutality epidemic.

Having described herself as the “EDM Whoopi Goldberg,” Zanders helps flip a genre that is predominantly white, straight and male back to its Black and queer roots.

The music video for “Reload” shows Zanders transforming into a superhero while the single recounts the singer’s personal experiences with police brutality. Her lyrics, featuring lines like “Livin’ in the land of free / but you got your gun on me,” take the listener directly into the problem being addressed.

At the heart of the video is Zanders’ message of spreading love and healing in the midst of working through trauma. As the video progresses, we see her ride a bike through rows of animated hearts. We see animations of police officers and gun being transformed into flowers and fruits. Zanders ultimately becomes a superhero who is able to further spread her love, a metaphor for the love that we can spread as we heal from our past experiences.

On a day where many feel anxious and uncertain, Kaleena Zanders gives us a song and video full of hope and action for the future.

Watch the video for “Reload” now: