WATCH: Jillian Rossi teams up with TikTok influencers on single “So What”

Rossi’s video for “So What” celebrates body positivity and features TikTokers known on the platform for self-love.

Throughout the video, the viewer sees Rossi’s singing interspersed with various TikTokers dancing. The song is moving, reminding listeners to love themselves despite any baggage or hard times they have.

In creating the song, Rossi said she felt compelled to work hard on it and to have “So What” be something positive.

“‘So What’ is a song I wrote when I wasn’t feeling very confident. I wrote this song with two friends where one of them told a story about helping a significant other through a hard time,” Rossi said. “I felt so compelled to work hard on this and get the right message across because I related so much. I hope ‘So What’ can be a positive song/video in the world that lets people know no matter what you keep fighting. Whether it’s a mental health battle, a body image battle or just a battle to believe in yourself I hope it inspires others to be confident and proud of who they are.”

With TikTok being the Internet’s newest rising platform, Rossi brought multiple TikTok content creators into her video, each of them known for content that promotes body positivity on the platform. TikToker @xobrooklynne was one of fifteen TikTok creators involved in the video.

“It was so amazing to come together with all of the TikTok community for this song that is just about being so unapologetically yourself, fighting to love yourself,” Brooklynne said. “We all face self-doubt, whether it be about our bodies, our clothes, how other people think of us—and I just think it’s so powerful to see this all come together like this.”

The video is reflective and aesthetically-pleasing, something that’s comforting to watch near the end of a difficult and overwhelming year. Watch “So What” below:




Photo by: Claire Schmitt