WATCH: Francisco Martin Releases Soothing Acoustic Video For Recent Single, “Swollen”

On November 13, 2020, multi-instrumentalist and producer Francisco Martin released the acoustic video for his single “Swollen” highlighting his raw talent and knack for capturing emotion and vulnerability. The simplistic video features Francisco alone on a scenic path, accompanied by his acoustic guitar.

Born and raised in San Francisco, CA, Francisco grew up in a household that valued music immensely. Encouraged by his father’s love of rock music, he began playing the drums and singing at the age of nine and continued to expand his musical proficiency by picking up guitar and piano at the start of high school. This eventually led him to discover his passion for production, which is one of the many strengths that sets him apart today.

Written and produced in his bedroom studio in Nevada, Francisco’s debut single “Swollen” was released on October 9 under 19 Recordings. Influenced by both the classic artists that he grew up listening to and newer singer-songwriters, Francisco describes his music and songwriting style as “the beauty and ugliness of heavy heartedness.”

“Swollen” tells a story of painful heartbreak, its chorus sung in a raspy and emotive tone, relaying the message:

And I love the way you say you’re scared to hold me
I hate the way you came and left me crawling
Oh, I held on, held on
Oh, I, I held on, held on
And you left me swollen

The perfect song to listen to in a moment of self reflection or while reminiscing on a past relationship, “Swollen” is sure to leave you teary eyed. Check out the acoustic video here:




photo by: Elissa Felman