WATCH: EVETA confidently “serves” and makes a statement for equality in 3D animated video for danceable single “Serve”

The artist combines futuristic animations with pop beats and an important message, resulting in a video that makes the listener want to get up and dance as if at a pride festival.

The script and direction was handled by EVETA, while Polish animation company Pixune Studios created the animation. The collaboration shows a beautiful scene of the Pride flag being put up on the moon, a visual that hits hard for many.

For EVETA, being both a Latin and Canadian artist, as well as a member of the LGBT community, the message felt timely and needed.

“I’m using space conquering as a metaphor for rights conquering by women and LGBTQ people. Why instead of putting the flag of a country on the moon, we plant a flag that represents diversity and acceptance for everyone equally? I also created the characters to be diverse and represent as many people as possible,” EVETA said.

“I wanted to make a statement that’s political. That’s why I also put spaceships that shoot at our spaceship (representing opposition, hatred, discrimination).”

Watch the video for “Serve” now:




Album artwork courtesy of EVETA.