WATCH: Daisy The Great Releases “To Be Alive” Animated Music Video

On October 27th quirky folk-pop duo, Daisy The Great, released a calming animated video to complement their dreamy new single, “To Be Alive.”

Consisting of members Kelley Nicole Dugan and Mina Walker, the Brooklyn-based pair has captured listeners since 2018 with their playful lyrics and soothing harmonies. When their single  “Record Player Song” off their debut EP “I’ve Got a Few Friends and I Wish They Were Mine,” took off on Tik Tok in 2019, the track quickly acquired five million streams on Spotify. Marrying modern folk elements with relatable, teen-friendly lyrical content, Daisy The Great has the ability to captivate the hearts of folkie lovers like myself and the attention of a loyal younger audience. Similar to the soft and sweet vocal stylings of Mountain Man and the whimsical sincerity of Phoebe Bridgers, Daisy The Great has created a contemporary blending of genres that is all their own. 

Their latest EP, “soft songs” (May 2020), came to be while the pair was completely separated from each other during Spring’s quarantine. The duo explains that Facetime calls were how the writing process took place. Mina recorded most of the tracks in her bedroom and Kelley sent off her iPhone recorded vocal takes to be mixed and mastered by good friend, Jake Cheriff

“These songs are a hug for anyone who needs one. We hope that they can help remind people that there is room for calm and comfort in the midst of chaos and uncertainty” — Mina and Kelly explain about their latest releases.  

A stand out track from the newest release is the gorgeous single, “To Be Alive.” Daisy The Great just gifted listeners with a hypnotizing video to accompany the relaxing journey of the song. British designer Hannah Jacobs, takes viewers on a warm and inviting dreamscape – almost fit for something like the soothing visuals you would find on a meditation app. 

Take a second, calm your mind, deep breath, and watch the “To Be Alive” video here…




photo by: Peter Pascucci, Sara Laufer