Warped Tour NJ: Anti-Flag, Adolescents, Sick Of It All
Stephanie Almazan

Warped Tour and its many iterations has been around since 1995 bringing its traveling rock fest from stage to stage across the United States. 

We cruised down the Parkway to Holmdel, New Jersey for this installment of Warped Tour. Doors were at 12:30 pm, and by noon there was already a huge line. As soon as gates opened, fans rushed to the big schedule board because preprinted schedules just doesn’t make sense with a traveling show. Immediately, sharpies were whipped out and set times scribbled on arms and other appendages. It was a mad rush to the various stages, with discussions on what they would need to see and what they would have to miss. 

The all day event was well under way, a palpable excitement building inside the amphitheater for the hard core and punk rock bands about to play.

California hardcore punk rockers The Adolescents were one of the day’s highlights. During hit song “Amoeba” (off their 1981 debut album, produced by none other than Mike Patton) they passed the mic into the crowd back and forth. We also dug sets from New York’s Sick Of It All and Emmure.

Unique to Warped Tour, each band had their own tented area where they sold their own merch and held meet and greets after their set. It was a cool way for fans to get up close and personal with their favorite bands. Warped Tour also catered to their clientele: they offered a ticket perk, where a parent could get in free if their child had a paid ticket. There was also a parents-only area which was air conditioned. I mean, let’s be real, who’s paying the bills?  

Check out photos of Adolescents, After the Burial, Anti-Flag, CKY, Candiria, and Sick Of It All below. Tickets to Warped Tour available here

photo by: Shaun Regan