Wander the City of Lights in Roman Lewis’ video for “Midnight in Paris”
video premiere

The city of lights and lovers, Paris has historically been the go-to destination for serial escapists, and it’s no wonder considering how easy it is to get lost among her many arrondissements. Singer-songwriter Roman Lewis, seems to have captured this feeling perfectly in his lo fi video for “Midnight in Paris.” Diffusing a bittersweet romanticism throughout it all, Lewis guides us through the streets of Paris in what feels like a late ‘80s early ‘90s homage. With a sparse arrangement — just his voice and a guitar — we’re able to fully absorb the nostalgic vibes. There is a kind of sadness there, heartbreak perhaps, but the pull to join Lewis in one of the world’s most beautiful cities is no less diminished. He says,

“I had way more fun filming Midnight in Paris than it might look like I did on the video. We stayed in a Parisien artist’s Airbnb, just myself, the producer and director. She had painted on all the walls and there were loads of little figurines everywhere. We spent the whole shoot exploring Paris in the summer weather. We chatted about music and ate good food. Couldn’t have enjoyed it more.”

“Midnight in Paris” is off of Lewis’ debut EP, Heartbreak, due out in early 2019.  Watch the video below and read on for his guide to Paris. 

Paris gare du Nord
Every time you step off the eurostar, the first taste of paris you get is the beauty of the Gare Du Nord and the glimpses of the outdoors from its giant windows. If i had a favourite train station, it would be hard for it not to be this one. The clock on the outside is the one that strikes midnight in the video

Montmartre (Sacre coeur)
Montmartre is one of my favourite places in Paris not only because of the modesty of the streets and the imposing beauty of Sacre coeur, but because whenever I’m there i can’t help but imagine it in the 1920s with all different types of artists meeting for a midnight coffee. We spent a lot of time here wondering around and filming for the video.

Quartier Latin
Walking through the Quartier Latin is one of my biggest pleasures in Paris.

La petite place de la contrescarpe
Always great places to get food or a coffee and always a lovely place to sit.

Really good Pizza. I’m a sucker for pizza and it’s all good there. 

Salle Pleyel
I was lucky enough to see Bon Iver play here a year ago. One of the best concerts I’ve seen and one of my favourite venues I’ve seen one in.

Eiffel Tower
Great find this one! I came across it walking through some side streets but could not have been happier I did. You might need to search a little for it, but if you find it you won’t be disappointed!

photo by: Isa Bell/Flickr