Vincent John Offers Electro-Pop Laced With Social Commentary on “Beverly Hills”
song premiere

Showcasing the breadth of his creative abilities, Vincent John turns a catchy beat into a poignant statement.

Vincent John made his incredible musicianship obvious as the guitarist for Lee Fields and the Expressions, and he broadens his appeal on the new track “Beverly Hills.” The song started as an instrumental that John created in his Philadelphia studio, calling the project “Beverly Hills” in tribute to its West Coast vibe. The song’s bright, airy rhythms match perfectly with palm trees and sunshine, transporting the casual listener to a California dreamscape. Pay attention to the lyrics, however, and a different picture emerges. “Beverly Hills” is the desperate lament of a socialite searching for fulfillment. Finding money unable to cure loneliness, the song’s protagonist can only slip deeper into vapid indulgence. The track’s title hints at both its sound and meaning. According to Vincent John,

“We left the instrumental really minimal, and kept it sunny to juxtapose the song’s satirical commentary on the emptiness of consumerism and elaborate displays of wealth: ‘The more that you pay, the cheaper the thrill.'”

John’s vocals complement this arrangement; invigorating with an undercurrent of poetic melancholy. He achieves a delicate balance, delivering a thoughtful message on a track that’s still hugely fun to listen to. John’s wide range of musical abilities, spanning far beyond his guitar skills, are clearly evident. Vincent John plans to release more music this year, and if “Beverly Hills” is any indication, we’re in for a treat.

Check out “Beverly Hills” below, and stay on the lookout for more of Vincent John in 2018!

photo by: Louie Kovatch