Video Premiere: LA’s morgxn provides an intimate reimagining of his newest single “xx”

On April 14, LA based electronic R&B artist morgxn released one of the poppiest tracks of his career. “xx,” pronounced “kiss kiss,” features an incredibly infectious four-on-the-floor groove, beautifull vintage synthesizers, accessible pop-rock instrumentation and a chorus that listeners will have a hard time forgetting. Never one to let his listeners off without throwing a curveball, morgxn now shows his fans an entirely new take on the single with a live, uncut video of his a cappella performance.

In front a beautiful moonlit river in Austin, Texas, morgxn arguably pulls off the most impressive vocal performances he has ever recorded. In fact, one might almost forget they are actually listening to “xx” as he foundationally changes the emotional impact of the song with exaggerated cadences and heart-melting trail-offs. 

“We are born into this world knowing how to love,” morgxn claims. “But we forget, every day, that it’s our right to feel it. to receive it. ‘xx’ is reclaiming that for myself.” While the song’s original form certainly captures the essence of love in its joyous abandon, listeners are now invited into an introspective headspace guided only by morgxn’s incredible range and tuneful affectations.

Forsaking the driving tempo of the original, this performance offers a more vulnerable perspective on morgxn’s views on love and romance. His raw emoting, coupled with the natural ambience picked up by the camera, humanizes his performance and brings listeners deeper into the empathetic musings he conveys.

“This song was the genesis of my project,” morgxn recounts. “It came from years of searching and wandering and creating. X marks the spot… so they say.” From the single’s bumping inception to his stripped-down reworking, “xx” conjures a relatable and unapologetic take on the most hashed out theme in all of music.

Watch the video for morgxn’s a cappella performance of “xx:” 

photo by: MOSES