Video Premiere: Los Angeles Police Department “If I Lied”

Ryan Pollie aka Los Angeles Police Department is taking his emotions to animation in his new video for “If I lied”. The song is a gorgeously arranged single off of his most recent full-length release, the self titled Los Angeles Police Department. The album has a dreamy, simple approach to the very complex subject of his personal struggles. The breezy country rock haze of “If I Lied” vibes fully with the lifestyle the Angeleno is trying to attain, while the video walks you through a funky story that seems to question the nature of society, including the LAPD.  

Lucky for you, when you watch the video and fall in love with LAPD’s breezy tunes, you’ll be able to go see him live in November. LAPD will be the resident band at the Bootleg for the month and it’s a residency you will not want to miss. Monday nights are meant for live music and LAPD will be providing.     

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Los Angeles Police Department was released in April via ANTI. Buy your copy and all the other LAPD goodies here.

photo by: Cara Robbins; background: Marina Williams