Video Premiere: “Light as a Feather” by Hortlax Cobra

Hortlax Cobra is Peter Bjorn and John drummer John Eriksson’s solo electronic project. Unlike the sanguine indie-pop of the former, Hortlax Cobra brims with industrial synth layers and playful electronic notes.

Avant-garde single “Light As A Feather” is off Hortlax Cobra’s third album, Lightworks and features the powerful, heady vocals of Beatrice Eli. Eli breathes soul into the dark, techno track, creating an intriguing contrast between human and machine.

The video seems to play with this notion as well. A close up shot of a mouth singing is featured against distorted imagery including a broken ceramic elephant, CDs in a toaster, fuzzed out TV’s, and a ventriloquist doll. “Responsibility, distorted reality, we rise and we fall, some battles are worth fighting,” sings Eli over un-tuned strings and techno arpeggios.

Love that feels light as a feather? That’s something worth fighting for in this increasingly disconnected, technological age.

Watch the video for “Light As A Feather” below.

photo by: courtesy of the artist