VIDEO: Wallows announce new EP “Remote” and continue storyline in music video for “Nobody Gets Me (Like You)”

Following summer’s hit song “Are You Bored Yet?”, the band Wallows, comprised of Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters, and Cole Preston, have announced their upcoming EP, Remote.

Along with the EP announcement, Wallows dropped a music video for their latest single “Nobody Gets Me (Like You).” The video is a continuation of the story set up in the “OK” music video.

In “OK,” we saw the band jamming out in their tour van and pulling into a fast food drive-thru for a quick snack. The video for “Nobody Gets Me (Like You)” continues this, taking them from a fast food parking lot jam session to setting up for a gig at a house party. The video uses classic 90s aesthetics like fisheye lenses, continued from the “OK” video, and Windows 95-type graphics stylized as “Wallows 98.” It’s lighthearted and nostalgic, a complement to the song’s lyrics.

The video ends rather abruptly with a “To Be Continued” sign hinting at future videos (and songs) to take us through the rest of the story.

If you haven’t already seen the music video for “OK,” watch it first below. Afterwards, check out “Nobody Gets Me (Like You)”:


Remote will be out Oct. 23, 2020. Pre-order it at the link below.

Remote pre-order





Photo by: Nikoli Partiyeli