Video: shy kids Take Us on a Journey – playing Baby’s All Right

It’s no secret that life on the road is an adventure, and not always an easy one. Nobody knows this better than an international touring band – always involved in their own journeys trying to negotiate childhood dreams with present realities, all while taking the audience on a similar trip each night.

Canadian band shy kids have taken this to heart, and released an ambitious visual album, in a state, which offers an in depth travel guide beginning in Toronto, then to New York City, and on to Los Angeles. The album confronts the bands efforts to make it in America, detailing their struggles, triumphs, and states of mind. Full of anthemic themes and visions, in a state amazingly paints a  picture of life on the road through the eyes of true artists.

shy kids are playing Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, presented by Dr. Martens, on 3/25 (2pm show). Make sure you come out so you can witness this journey in real time! Tickets available here.

Check out the full album for in a state below: