Video Premiere: Will Dailey Features Femme Fatale in “Bad Behavior”
video premiere

On Will Dailey‘s most recent album, National Throat, he may have experimented with folk-tinged banjo ballads, but his upcoming album, Golden Walker, is far from those classic sounds.

His upcoming album, out June 1st, is infused with funky bass lines, pop hooks, and political undertones. His latest single, “Bad Behavior,” gets things off to a strong start. The cheeky jam showcases Dailey’s double-tracked harmonies, a sultry saxophone solo and an upbeat tempo. It’s utterly infectious — the kind of track you’ll want to keep in high rotation.

Maybe even more captivating is the animated video to go along.  Opening with a skyline shot, the frame is filled with retro hues of pink and purple — perhaps an indicator of the protagonist to come. While we’re first introduced to a rather serious dude in shades, he is not our hero. Soon after, the focus is redirected to a masked woman, shimmying her way through a museum’s laser security, looking to capture a precious good. The object of a hot pursuit, she boogies out of town, parachuting away from trouble to complete her mission.

According to Dailey, the video is a commentary on the contrasting nature of women’s “bad behavior” in their demand for justice, and the current administration’s harmful actions. As the first line of the song says: “You best believe I love your bad behavior, marching up the streets in every town.” On the making of the video, Dailey notes:

“Making a video can often be a huge waste of time for a songwriter. Time that you could be using making music. Obviously there is a trade off when investing in your songs and sharing them with the world. Sometimes a video can become part of the creative process in a seamless way and you discover another artist that takes your art and from that, creates their own masterpiece.

When I first saw Justin’s work I knew he could add another layer to ‘ Bad Behavior.’  I’m just glad I got to work with him before he’s captured by Disney. Our noble thief is the star. She is protecting that gem that is at the heart of Golden Walker. Something I only noticed when I saw the final cut.”

Check out the video below, and stay tuned for his upcoming album!