Video Premiere: “Velleity” by Arms Akimbo

Los Angeles based indie rock band Arms Akimbo are known for their vibrant melodies and dynamic soundscapes.

Touring with artists such as Walk the Moon and Said The Whale, as well as reaching over 2 million Spotify streams, Arms Akimbo definitely stands out from the crowd with their uniquely distinctive sound.

Today the four-piece are releasing their new video exclusively with Culture Collide. Entitled “Velleity”, the track blends indie rock, alt pop and folk. The playful video narrates the feelings of avoidance and the lack of self-motivation that we all often experience in young adulthood. It follows the band’s blurry-eyed journey home to shake off the night before. Schrupp reveals,

“Velleity means a wish or inclination not strong enough to lead to action. A striking inspiration that you never follow through on. Motivation that doesn’t last. Dreams that stay dreams. The song is an ode to the obstacles that arise as you get older and a celebration of the failures along the way.”

In “Velleity” Arms Akimbo highlights how people often use partying as a distraction. Featuring personal touches from the band’s everyday lives, including their tour van, old apartment “arms acondo” and their closest friends, fans are given an insight into the band’s world. Come and get distracted with Arms Akimbo and check out their new video below.