Video Premiere: Totally Mild Explore The Lush Sounds Of Melancholy With “From One Another”

What’s in a name? If Australian sweethearts Totally Mild are any indication, it doesn’t have to be much. Gentle? Sure. Passionate? Certainly. But mild? Not a chance.

Totally Mild began life as the solo project of songwriter Elizabeth Mitchell, an outlet for the emotive lyrics and melodies that were coalescing within the young singer. The band found new life when Mitchell brought in guitarist Zachary Schneider, drummer Ashley Bundang, and bassist Lehmann Smith to join the fold, giving Totally Mild new focus and direction. The four-piece recorded their debut album Down Time in 2015 and followed that up with a tour of festival stages in Europe and the US. Now back from their second pass through the studio, Totally Mild are ready to unveil their latest offering of heartfelt jangle-pop in the form of their new album Her.

Just after the release of their new album last Friday, Culture Collide is proud to present Totally Mild’s new video for “From One Another.” This new track sees the band maturing their ethereal, guitar-driven sound to further compliment Elizabeth’s sultry vocals.  Schneider drives the melody with bright, angular strumming—not unlike Johnny Marr’s guitar work on the early Smiths albums. The guitar-pop format is at times circumvented by moments of atmospheric production work which brings a dynamism to their sound that helps propel them beyond the indie-pop pack. The interplay of chiming guitars and Mitchell’s soothing voice brings a hypnotic quality to the song: it’s easy to lose yourself in “From One Another,” as the lush composition blurs the lines between verse, chorus, and bridge. The video also reflects this seamlessness: it is composed of one long tracking shot that pans around a lively dive bar, the members of the band unceremoniously dispersed amongst the revelers and the sulkers that make up the watering hole’s clientele.

Check out the video for “From One Another” down below and be sure to pick up the album Her here!