Video Premiere: “Tin Roof Now” by La Louma
la louma

Merging a narrative of identity and isolation with an uptempo sonic backdrop, La Louma (aka Lauren Ross) lets us know that there’s still room to dance, even in times of desperation.

Creating music that uplifts was not just a stylistic choice, but a cathartic act of survival and a mark of resilience. La Louma’s recent debut album Let The World Be Flooded Out, is a beautiful collection of expansive art rock tracks that explores themes of depression, mental health and discrimination. In a time like today, these stories are needed more than ever. Her latest video for single “Tin Roof Now,” is equally impactful, revealing Ross’s own connection to rural spaces. She says, 

Being a gay teenager living in the south in the late 90s, I often felt isolated. Survival demanded adaptability and the search for a community required determination. So I was an immediate YES when director Diane Russo told me her concept for the ‘Tin Roof Now’ video — a strong woman surviving on her own while on a journey to find her community. I had written the song directly following a massive rainstorm in Georgia, plus I’m a very outdoorsy person, so it felt extra perfect that Diane wanted to shoot the video in the wilds of Tennessee. It was absolutely magical, exploring waterfalls and hiking to unmarked secret caves in the rain with our 4-woman cast/crew, along with our location expert, queer photographer Benjy Russell. Producer Sara Zion kept us on schedule and our badass actress Chelsea Watts serenaded us with opera arias while I drove the minivan, and we all stayed up way too late every night cause we were having so much fun hanging out with each other!  For those beautifully lush few days, the five of us embodied the community we sought.  It’s exactly what we’re doing with Bitchwave — building a longterm culture of support, strength, and positivity!

Watch the video for Tin Roof Now below: