Video Premiere: The Ramona Flowers Add Sleek Visuals to Their Majestic Sound with “Ghost”

Indie-synth group The Ramona Flowers serve up a feast for the senses.

On their past records, The Ramona Flowers explored all the various corners of electronic music, mixing contemplative musings with catchy bangers. On their latest album, the band manages to refine and deepen their sound, delivering tracks that are both thoughtful and infectious. The music is fuller and more complex; while the songs are accessible on first listen, there’s more and more to experience with each subsequent play.

The single “Ghost” is a perfect example of the group’s new approach. Lead singer Steve Bird’s impassioned vocals take center stage, driving the song forward. He’s supported by an elaborate layering of synths, keys and beats, which fit together like a puzzle to form a grand and engrossing sound.

With their new video for “Ghost,” The Ramona Flowers complement the track with a stimulating visual component. The video is awash in vivid colors and ultra-modern design. Stunning supermodels haunt a empty mansion, as Bird laments the absence of his past lovers. The rest of the band is also on display, their musical skills highlighted by the expert filmmaking. The entire experience is wonderfully overwhelming, leaving one breathless and yet hungry to see it all again.

Watch the video for “Ghost” below, and catch The Ramona Flowers live in Europe on the following dates:

20 Sept – Berlin, DE – Kesselhaus & Maschinenhaus
22 Sept – Cologne, DE – Artheater
1 Oct – Amsterdam, NL – Sugar Factory
2 Oct – Paris, FR – Olympic Café