Video Premiere: The Go Rounds’ Glitched and Transcendent “Code”

The Go Rounds latest video for “Code” is an apt visualization of the neo-psychedelia the band inhabits.

Clocking in at almost six and a half minutes, the track is a many layered thing, first building a steady base of rhythm and then departing into more uncharted territory — a kind of orchestrated experimentation. Like the video, there is a series of recurring themes and guitar runs throughout so that any breakdown in structure or harmony is never too unnerving. It’s a beautiful and controlled chaos with the nuance of those late aughts bands like Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective. As band member Graham Parson says,

“The pulsating rhythm and elastic modulation between three keys throughout ‘Code’ create a serpentine beast, redundant anatomy yet ever evolving, dwelling in an alpine freshwater spring, ready to swell and break the banks below, the changes and fecundity roiling toward the inevitable return to the source.

As far as the video is concerned, we are morally and spiritually obligated to not say anything about where or how the video was made. It involved a basement…and lots of obscure technology. And that it was inspired by a transcendent 40 minute experience with Widows Media Player’s ‘Visualizer’ and pot tincture back in 2016.”

The tune is the title track from their latest EP, available here. Watch the video for “Code” below: