Video Premiere: The Curls launch us into an absurd trip with “Love Dot Com”

The Curls evade genres. At one moment, leading with synths and angular guitar riffs, they sound like Devo. At another, they sound like funky art-rock, á la the Talking Heads.

Although they may be most similar to the ever-prolific Ween, taking a different sound with each record — and doing so with a wink. After their appearances playing at Pitchfork Music Festival and SXSW in the past year, it’s comforting to see that the Chicago-based sextet is still relishing with their sense of humor.

The animated music video to “Love Dot Com” starts off with lions chasing down a chicken before one of them gets sucked up by a UFO. Directed by Alex Jensen (who has created videos for fellow art-rockers Woongi), the video immediately pulls us into a strange trip.

Frontman Mick Fansler said, “It’s tripped out, but there’s a surprisingly compelling and heartbreaking narrative packed into three minutes.”

Enjoy this premiere off of The Curls’ recent record, Bounce House, released last month via Diversion Records.

photo by: Sean Kelly