“Beginning To Fade” With In Tall Buildings’ New Video
Beginning To Fade

In Tall Buildings is the moniker of multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and recording engineer, Erik Hall.

The experimental pop musician assembles resounding arrangements that link back to his upbringing playing percussion in the Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra, as well as studying the piano, guitars and drums. The triple-threat talent showcases his facility for melding delightfully anomalous compositions on his latest single, “Beginning To Fade.”

“Beginning To Fade” is the first release off In Tall Buildings upcoming third record, Akinetic, slated for release March 2nd via Western Vinyl. Producer Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Iron & Wine) came aboard to methodically spotlight and provide space for all the subtle and captivating moving pieces.

Erik Hall says the track is “Ultimately about breaking free from an unhealthy social bond, the song explores the detriments of acquiescence out of convenience. The narrator is figuratively and-by the end-literally at sea. These days, duplicity is exhausting; sincerity is paramount. This new album addresses our increasingly-anemic communication in a new age of distraction.“ 

Hall enlisted Wild Belle’s Natalie Bergman to direct the carefully crafted music video for “Beginning To Fade” which features a collage-like, stop-motion animation combining video clips overlayed with colorful shapes and graphics.

I’ve played music with Erik since I was in high school. He’s an uplifted artist with many layers to him. I think the sentiment of cutting and ripping and repurposing of paper gives new life to his story. The song is “Beginning to Fade,” he’s locked up, his hands are tied, I wanted there to be some sort of escape. The idea of stop-motion is cool to me in that you’re stationary but you’re moving. Kind of like a prisoner — with an escape route. I collaged him a sail boat and a rocket ship, both excellent escape vehicles, I also thought collage went well with the sonic world he’s created — his own collage of sound.– Natalie Bergman

Watch the music video premiere for In Tall Buildings’ “Beginning To Fade” now: