Video Premiere: Summer Comes Early With Big White’s New Single “How Did You Find Out”
video premiere

Pop music is so moody these days, isn’t it?  It feels like every pop artist is writing songs about jilted lovers and alienation in modern society these days—turning on the radio just isn’t all that fun or uplifting some days.

What happened to songs about pure friendship, about teenage romance, about the simple pleasures of the summertime?  Australian five-piece indie rockers Big White answer that question with a resounding “Right here, Mate!”

Big White have been knocking around since 2014, and released their debut album of jangly New Wave-inflected pop rock, “Teenage Dreams,” the following year. Since then, they’ve had the kind of rough-n-tumble ride of a young rock band you rarely hear outside of legends from the 70s.  These kids were scouted by Burger Records the oldschool way: discovered playing an opening gig in a dingy club—no Soundcloud links involved.  This led to extensive touring across Europe and the States, an impromptu eleven night stint in NYC, recording sessions in a World War II-era bunker, an unexpected run-in with Green Day, and a whole lot of couch surfing.  All this made for perfect inspiration when time came to begin work on their follow up record, “Street Talk.”

“Street Talk” sees little deviation from the formulas found on “Teenage Dreams.”  Rather than attempt to force concepts like “progression” or “maturation,” instead we find the band doubling down on the sounds that work for them, realizing a more cohesive and focused product than their first trip through the studio.  Check out the video to their new single “How Did You Find Out,” the first slice of good vibes from the forthcoming sophomore album.  Taking the term “guitar pop” to its logical conclusion (3 guitars, no bass—this stuff is straight up BREEZY), the track channels an ethereal New Romantics vibe through a filter of modern indie rock.  Speaking of the New Romantics, I’m not sure if it’s still 1981 in Australia or they just have better thrift shops because these guys nail their retro-hipster look.

“The narrative came about from the idea of misinterpretation, the central theme of the song. In the clip I start off with this vision in mind and pass this “important” envelope containing my idea onto Bowen who immediately loses it. The message gets passed on from member to member via whispers. By the time the band find me waiting on a scenic beach, I’m wearing something different ready for a shoot and apparently the only one who got the memo. There a moment at the end where the kid who caught the envelope with a fishing rod, reels it in and opens it up only to throw over his shoulder in disregard. Rocking out on sunset…such an old dog move. It’s a playful take on something I take quite seriously but also find endless humor in, how no one’s ever really telling the truth.” – Jack T Wotton (Lead Vocals)

Peep the video for “How Did You Find Out” below and be sure to pick up “Street Talk” when it drops on March 30th through Spunk! Records (Australia) and Modern Sky USA (North America).

Produced by: Big White
Directed by: Spike Vincent
Edited by: The Supertrip
photo by: Jordanne Chant, Francisca Plaza