Video Premiere: SQRD’s Neon-Colored “Would Run Wild”

Swedish producer SQRD creates lo-fi electronic pop tracks, that provide an atmospheric backdrop for today’s modern milieu. His latest offering, “Would Run Wild” is a neon-soaked escapade into young love and vice.

The video features flashbacks of a couple running through a gas station, dancing in a parking lot, wandering through a club, and on a bathroom floor, then cuts to roses on fire, the girl alone staring out into the distance, and sitting in a coffee shop with a solitary rose. The end features both of them in an elevator, rose in hand, with the doors closing. Perhaps symbolizing a recycling of events?

Inspired by “a multitude of inspirations from Tumblr and film stills,” the video “encapsulates the theme of lost love in the modern age.” Through the couple’s neon-colored glasses, the video follows the inner isolation, and seduction of the outside world, that can lead to the unraveling of two people.

SQRD released his critically-acclaimed Gold EP in 2016. “Would Run Wild” follows up Gold with more of the producer’s cool, slick soundscapes. Watch the video for “Would Run Wild” out now via Swedish label Sommarhjärta: