Video Premiere: SondorBlue Strive for Self-Realization with “Escape!”
video premiere

Amid a musical landscape dominated by auto-tuned divas and this new wave of so-called mumble rap, it is refreshing to see that some groups of talented young musicians are drawing inspiration from a time when rock and pop artists had to back up songwriting chops with actual vocal ability. SondorBlue is one such band whose emphasis on organic, textured vocal harmonies reveal a renewed respect for the disciplines that once characterized American pop music.

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, this young four-piece has been busy making a name for themselves since the release of their debut Realometer EP in 2016.  SondorBlue is comprised of three gifted vocalists, Connor Hollifield on lead guitar, John Sheehan on guitar and keys, and Andrew Halley on bass, backed up by drummer Drew Lewis. Although bassist Andrew Halley fronts the band, all three vocalists have their solo spotlight moments. But the group really shines when the trio sing together in unison, crafting intricate, layered harmonies that recollect classic rock greats like The Beach Boys and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. Despite this classic rock influence, the songwriting comes off as very modern sounding; chiming guitars and dramatic, pounding drums form the backdrop for the band’s impressive vocals. And of course, the lyrics are swamped in that millennial malaise that has come to define this new generation of rock music.

We are proud to premiere the new video for “Escape!” from SondorBlue’s recently released EP You will Find Love on Ashley Avenue. Directed by Taylor MacDonald, the video doesn’t follow any set narrative, but rather strives to capture an aesthetic that develops the song’s themes of self-realization. The video reveals short vignettes that play like memories of past regrets, former loves, and suburban despondency, quickly jumping between juxtaposed images of triumphant empowerment and torturous solitude. The video doesn’t offer any real closure to the themes raised in the lyrics, but instead vividly realizes the intense feelings of isolation and liberation that imbue the song with its deeply personal quality.

Watch the video below, don’t miss the band on tour, and be sure to check out their exclusive Charleston guide

photo by: Shervin Lainez; background Marketa/Flickr