Video Premiere: “Servant To It” by Mipso

UNC’s acclaimed indie-Americana quartet has done it again with catchy and tender new ditty, “Servant To It,” evoking feelings of nostalgia for a song we’ve never heard before.

The gorgeous fiddle-laden chorus and soft harmonies are perfectly complimented by Mipso’s wistful new music video, launching today. The clip appropriately depicts a collage of home videos and photos (the band’s own footage from the road), illustrating the simple pleasures of touring with friends. From a diner in Middle America, to fields of wildflowers, and BTS shenanigans, this simply stunning song and video has us daydreaming of a road trip with our nearest and dearest. On the meaning behind the video, singer and fiddler Libby Rodenbough says, 

“There’s a romantic myth about artists that doesn’t square with the banal kind of privilege it usually takes to be one publicly. ‘Servant To It’ is a wink at that myth.

This video is a portrait of our reality as working musicians. Jacob Blumberg, the creator, came out on the road with us on a recent run down through the Deep South, and he put together a ton of material—disposable camera stills, old VHS camcorder footage, etc.—in a way that conveys the fun and silliness and strangeness and madness of touring.”

Check it out below and don’t miss the Mipso, currently on tour in support of their new album, Edges Run, available now.

photo by: D.L. Anderson; Donnie Nunle/Flickr