Video Premiere: “Breaking My Skin” by Sc Mira
song premiere

It’s not too often that an artist explicitly speaks to the experiences that spark their work. With “Breaking My Skin,” the latest single from Winnipeg’s Sc Mira’s EP Keep Crawling, there is little left in the way of ambiguity. That said, the song’s message is a universal one, no matter how unique this experience might have been.

Sc Mira’s Sadye lays it out:

“At one of the worst points in my life I was hospitalized for an indefinite amount of time, unsure about whether I’d lose my leg. I was being cut open and sewn up repeatedly. My room was at the top of a long hallway with a lounge at the end, and a goal was set for me to get to the end of that hallway. The attempts were daunting. I was in pain, dizzy from the drugs, and totally, physically unstable. It seemed like I’d just be there forever trying. When I think back to that time it’s like a backward mirage. It’s there but it’s faint, I don’t know what’s real, and I’m getting farther away. I wanted to put that uncertainty and haziness in a song. That’s ‘Breaking My Skin.’ Suffering in a dream-like state. ‘Down in the hallway tiles that melt/looking for a light on, see myself.’

The whole song is a kind of recipe of symbols, emotions, blood, and body parts evocative of that time, with the first verse being a disjointed description of surgery. I reference milk in the song because it’s all I wanted to drink then. I would just throw it up after a glass and it would repeat like that.” 

Animated by Matea Radic and Bill Acheson, the video for Breaking My Skin” is not the band’s first time collaborating with the pair, but it’s a striking visual experience nonetheless. Check it out below.

photo by: Travis Ross