Video Premiere: OTOMO Faces Personal Journey on “Fool”

French electronic artist OTOMO is a modern day musician with old world values. Retreating from the saturation of social media, OTOMO removes his face to put the focus on his music.

OTOMO’S latest offering “Fool“, features piano, reverberating vocals, and undulating electronic loops, mixing the instrumental with contemporary tones. The music video features a faceless man engulfed by his surroundings, from the city of London, to billowing clouds, volcanos and cliffs, as OTOMO’s voice rings out “Fool for you.”

His isolation in the video reflects the detachment he feels in today’s modern world and the solutions he searches to achieve balance: “In a world where relationships are digitized, where loneliness is amplified, where reality dematerializes each day a little more… One man has made a choice to put himself at the fringes, to disappear, to exist, faceless wearing a mask to become human again, to become unique again. To become OTOMO.”

Watch the premiere of OTOMO’S “Fool” now: