VIDEO PREMIERE: Million Miles “Your Mama”
video premiere

French soulstress Million Miles, legal name Sophie Baudry, is dropping her newest video for the track “Your Mama” from her dazzling four song EP, Berry Hill out today.  

Million Miles started her journey of life in a little city called Paris and she eventually made the move to London where she currently resides.  Rounding out an en eclectic list of places Sophie has taken residence, she ended up in Nashville to record what would became Berry Hill.  The track “Your Mama” is the acoustic offering amid the groovy EP.  It’s so beautifully simple highlighting some of those Nashville influences Sophie no doubt drew from in her time spent there.  The video is as minimalist as the track, never wavering from Sohpie’s sepia toned face keeping the intimacy of her voice in focus.  That track itself is backed by a soft acoustic guitar but it’s Sophie’s voice that shines through the aged picture.  Hit play and enjoy a warm hug to the eyes and ears.

We caught up with Sophie to chat about some of her favorite things, mostly food but we threw some music and recording in there too.  I mean, she grew up in France, the country was built with cheese, right?

What is your favorite thing to come out of France:

Food. All the food. . .  And Serge Gainsbourg.

Favorite cheese:

I really am a cheese lover, so this is a tough one. But I always come back to a good, old, Comte cheese. It always hits the spot.

Red wine or white wine:

Red mostly, but it’s got to be a little fancy so ‘on occasion’. Otherwise, ice cold vodka please.

What is a meal your grandmother used to make that reminds you of home:

There’s a French meal called ‘vol au vent’ which is a puff pastry filled with chicken, mushroom and rice mixed in a creamy sauce. It’s pretty perfect with a beautifully poetic name, what more could you ask for.

What city inspires you musically:

I suppose I would have to say Nashville at the moment, as it’s where I wrote all the music for this EP. Although, I thought my inspiration was independent of where I am geographically (spoiler alert – it’s not!), I found that Nashville was the place where I felt most comfortable and the most inspired, there’s a nice balance of city living and a slower pace life in Nashville which is the perfect setting for me creatively.

Favorite city to have a day off:

Although I absolutely love the city I live in, London, a day off here doesn’t always feel like a day of for me… I don’t do ’staycation’… So I would have to say Paris. France in general is made for days off. There’s so much variety whether it be in the mountains, in the countryside or by the sea. But, the architecture in Paris takes my breath away every time. It’s unbeatable.I never get tired of walking around the city and musing over the beautiful buildings. And If I eventually I do get tired, I’ll sit in a café, drink coffee and people watch. ‘So romantic’. 

What is your stance on bangers and mash:


What were some studio must haves while recording:

Really good question. My answer has got to be, a really good team, a great combination of people, musicians, producers, engineers, friends. 

Favorite “hot chicken” joint:

I asked the same question to the producer I was working with, during my first session in Nashville… Hattie B’s are pretty consistent with chicken hotness.

Best thing about recording your album in Nashville:

The people. Maybe because it is after all a smaller city (in comparison to LA or London for example), the people are generally super chill and easy going — I really like that.

Best place to Tinder? London, Nashville or France:

Ha! I don’t do Tinder. But I found Uber in Nashville really chill and different than in London. I’m assuming Tinder would be pretty similar, right?

Most ordered studio food delivery: 

Either Sushi or Thai, Pancakes if it’s breakfast time. 

5 songs you are spinning right now: 

“Easily” by Bruno Major

“Give into the Dark” by Jordan Mackampa

“Changes” by Charles Bradley

“Sea Town” by Courtney Marie Andrews

And literally anything by Carole King

To hear the rest of Million Miles Berry Hill just hit play, you won’t be mad about it!