Video Premiere: La Bouquet Gets Acoustic on “Loser Baby”

La Bouquet have always expertly combined emotional balladry and R&B with a punk sensibility.

As the duo says, “We don’t want everything to sound too perfect. We just want every note to evoke some sort of emotion.” There’s that “e” word again — almost all of their tracks, whether dance-inspired or chilled, produce an emotional response. Their latest acoustic video for “Loser Baby” is a clear display that the songwriting comes first, and the production second. With just bass, guitar and vocals (and a bouquet on stage), it’s clear that the group could perform almost any of their songs, both on an arena stage and for an intimate few.

Watch the acoustic video for “Loser Baby” below and be on the lookout for their forthcoming LP.

photo by: courtesy of the artist; background Marketa/Flickr