Video Premiere: Israel Nash Gathers the Sounds of His Home on “Lucky Ones”

One of Austin’s most beloved transplants, Israel Nash mashes together a range of genres to produce a spiritual country sound.

Drawing from the land he calls home in the hills outside the Texas capital, Nash has built a musical haven where he hosts gatherings, festivals and creates with a sense of freedom most only dream about. On his latest video for “Lucky Ones,” Nash pays sonic homage to his home, wandering the dirt roads and scrub to gather its sounds. Donning a white suit, goggles and a recorder, Nash looks like a sonic archaeologist from the future, hoping to capture the essence of a place before it is lost. Nash says,

“This is a song about everything being connected -people, nature the whole thing and beyond. I wanted the video to show those vibes with me in my place, with my family and with the studio (Plum Creek Sound) out here in the Hill Country of Texas, where I live and create and sometimes get to wear a white suit and forage the land for it’s sacred sounds and visions!”

Watch the video for “Lucky Ones” below and be sure to catch Nash on the road this year.

photo by: Chad Wadsworth