Video Premiere: Irene Greene Does ’60s Horror on “Platinum Baby”
video premiere

One thing the ‘60s seemed to pull off so well, was wrapping up dark and disturbing material in cute and bubbly packaging.

It’s that “gotcha!” deception with a twinkle in the eye that makes old school horror so upsetting, and it’s that feeling that Irene Greene so perfectly captures in her latest video for “Platinum Baby.” While the visuals are a perfect study in that Jackie O vs Marilyn Monroe vibe, it’s Greene’s vocals that really shine. There’s a powerful timbre and resounding strength to her voice. Again, Greene manages to imbue an oldies pop tune with a “don’t fuck with me” message, and I think the bloody ending is enough evidence we should take her seriously. Greene says,

“For the video, I wanted to combine the two things that I love most: the 1960s and horror films. My single “Platinum Baby” is all about that balance between love and obsession, and I wanted the video to match that phenomena.”

Watch the video below for “Platinum Baby” and lookout for more music from this powerhouse singer.