Video Premiere: Inner Tongue’s Gauzy “Teeth”
Inner Tongue

Inner Tongue creates a delicate milieu of sound on his latest single “Teeth.”  

The minimalist track begins with piano strokes, the soft ticking of a metronome, and Inner Tongue’s glossy falsetto. A few moments in and you’ll feel like you’ve entered a dream-state.

Somewhere between waking and dreaming is the sweet spot that Inner Tongue was looking to recreate in his music: “Have you ever had a brief moment of clarity that lets you see things from a different perspective? When that vision has slipped away, all that’s left is a feeling. I was chasing to reproduce one such feeling with this.”

In 2013, while in his mid-twenties, Inner Tongue was diagnosed with a rare, severe vocal cord disorder, one which imposed silence upon him for months while he saved up for, and recovered from the operation. “It was as if someone had pressed a reset button on the musical identity I had of myself.”

From this artistic rebirth, Inner Tongue found a bewitching soundscape, interwoven with scintillating notes, melodies and strains.

The video for “Teeth,” created by designer/director by Patrick Sturm, shows a glass award breaking apart piece by piece, as bold colors reflect in each individual fragment. Across the award reads “Nichts für niemanden” (“nothing for nobody”).

‘Teeth’ is off Inner Tongue’s forthcoming debut album Favours, slated for release on May 25th. Watch the video now:

photo by: Tobias Pichler