Video Premiere: Inara George Harmonizes with the Spirit on “A Bridge”
video premiere

You may have heard Inara George’s voice before—she’s enjoyed considerable commercial success with her moody indie-pop band The Bird and the Bee.

Dedicated fans of the LA-based singer have probably also heard her deeply personal experimentations with folk and vocal ballads under the banner of her solo career.  But you’ve never heard Inara like this before.

Inara George’s new solo record “Dearest Everybody” released last month in January, and for those who have yet to hear it, the album sees George exploring ambitious new territory.  Perhaps nowhere on the album is this more apparent than with the track “A Bridge,” in which George does away with all instrumentation and pop influence, choosing to experiment with the hypnotic and spiritual nature of layered a cappella harmonics.  The song is composed entirely of vocal harmonies, Inara’s own voice providing the lyrical content above the shimmering melodies of the four-piece choir behind her.  There is an undoubtedly spiritual quality in the layering of naked voices, and the influence of religious choral traditions can certainly be seen in “A Bridge.”  The track also brings to mind the work of certain New Age artists as well: the ethereal soundscape of the a cappella composition is reminiscent of the work by David Hykes and the Harmonic Choir, and the devotional nature of the experience shares a common thread with the reverence for the Sacred Feminine found in Kay Gardner’s music.

We’re proud to present Inara George’s new video for “A Bridge,” streaming exclusively on Culture Collide. The video gives the viewer an intimate look at the rehearsal and recording process, as well as a taste of George’s live performance.  But more compelling than this behind-the-scenes insight is the connection between the five women featured on this track.  Much more than hired musicians, it is clear there is a deeply affectionate bond between these women that contributes to the shifting, gossamer sounds they create together.

Inara also shared a few thoughts on the song and video with us: “This is a video that was made by Jeremy Cohen from footage of live shows and rehearsals that my band and I played before the official release of Dearest Everybody. The material seemed so personal that I felt like I wanted to explore it in a more private way with friends, family, and longtime fans as my audience. This song, “A Bridge,” is especially exposed because it’s a cappella. But we figured out how to sing it live, and it has become one of my favorite moments in the show. Not to get too sentimental, but it can at times feel very spiritual.”

Check out the video for “A Bridge” below.

photo by: Alexa Nikol