Video Premiere: “My Heart’s Grave” by Faouzia
video premiere

Born in Morocco and raised in the Canadian prairies, Faouzia is emblematic of the future of Canadian music — eclectic and multi-national.

Seamlessly switching between French and English, her brief time in the public eye has shown her to be one of the strongest young talents that you can find in Canada, if not globally. Her latest video, for her single “My Heart’s Grave”, tells a story of loss and desperation, but allows for a little bit more interpretation:

“Although the song is sombre and dark, the rhythm it contains adds energy to the melancholic lyrics. This is when a royal theme with dancing jesters came to mind. The idea of having eerie harlequins dance around the queen in an attempt to make her regain her happiness was very intriguing to me since the message goes beyond what is portrayed.

The video contains hidden messages and small treats that aren’t noticeable at first glance- adding a bit of mystery and keeping the message of the video unclear allows the audience to put their own spin on the story.”

“My Heart’s Grave” is out now. Check out the video below!