Video Premiere: Harry Permezel Sings of Self Discovery on “Wax Man”
video premiere

There’s something in the water Down Under.  That or Australians just really love lo-fi, jangly indie-rock and know how to do it right.  Either way, Australian singer/songwriter Harry Permezel just announced his sophomore album of introspective bedroom ballads, and we’re real excited to share the new video for the title track “Wax Man” with you.

Picking up where his 2016 self-titled album left off, Wax Man is very much a continuation of the sounds and moods Harry has found his home in.  Like his first album, Wax Man was written and recorded entirely by Permezel at his home studio in Melbourne, and exhibits a similar kind of thoughtful poetry that reflects on a journey of self-discovery through isolation and observation.  The track itself is a hazy wash of gentle guitar strumming and fuzzy, lo-fi vocals, punctuated by occasional abstract synthesizer flourishes.  It meanders in a sort of unstructured stream of consciousness, the guitars providing a lush, textural background for the lyrics to lilt above.  It’s Harry’s poetics that are the real star here, as much as he tries to muddle them under a haze of analog hiss.  He displays a surprising level of maturity and self-awareness in his lyricism for such a young artist, surely the result of a life spent in contemplative self-study.

The video for “Wax Man” is an endearing—if perhaps a little unsettling—romp around Permezel’s local haunts, accompanied by what we could loosely call a “friend.”  The two have what looks to be a lovely afternoon together, sharing a couple pints and enjoying a swing on a sunny day.  They even seem to find something that’s been missing, and end up a little more whole by the end of the experience.  It appears to be something of an allegory for self-discovery, and though the lyrics seem to be directed towards an ambiguous “you,” I get the impression Harry is speaking more of himself.  The universality of the lyricism and the imagery of the video are sure to resonate with young people treading that same path of growth and learning.

Check out the video for “Wax Man” below, streaming exclusively on Culture Collide, and be sure to pick up the album Wax Man when it drops on May 4th!

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