Video Premiere: “So It Goes” by Hi-Lo Jack
video premiere

New York-based trio Hi-Lo Jack are the genre-defying upstarts you want to be looking out for in the new year.  

The talented young group recently released their debut EP Old New Clothes in November, and we at Culture Collide are proud to present the video for their lead single “So It goes,” made by producer/director Travis Bogosian, which you can watch below.

Hi-Lo Jack is a new collaboration between three disparate yet undeniably compatible artists.  The trio is fronted by Dolapo Akinkugbe (AKA rapper/producer DAP The Contract), whose bright and exuberant flow sets the tone for the track.  DAP’s speed and technicality seems at odds with gentle sounds and sentimental lyrical themes of the track, but his verbose style ends up feeling very accessible.  His lyrics deal with the things one leaves behind in life, and the new doors that open as a result—a fitting theme for an album written during the trio’s final year at Brown University.  He is backed up by multi-instrumentalists Clyde Lawrence (of soul-pop group Lawrence) and Cody Fitzgerald (of indie-rock band Stolen Jars) who provide backing vocals, instrumentation, and production on the album.  Their musical pedigrees are on full display with “So it Goes”: classic-sounding organs lifted from Lawrence’s background is soul music provide the backbone the track, while Fitzgerald’s gentle guitar picking serves as subtle accents to the chorus.  Their joint production job on the track shows just how well these guys work together, having collaborated a number of times in the past on film scores and similar projects.  

These three distinct musicians and their diverse backgrounds come together to craft a sound that is fresh and infectious, and a welcome step away from the tropes of the genres the draw from.  Unconfined by the trappings of modern hip-hop or the trodden paths of indie rock, Hi-Lo Jack are blazing a trail entirely their own.

photo by: Sandy Honig; Marketa/Flickr