Video Premiere: Drink The Ritual Coffee With Dead Meadow In “Here With The Hawk”
video premiere

Psych-rock powerhouse Dead Meadow are back from the darkness with their first album in five years and let me tell ya kids, it’s been well worth the wait.

Steve Kille and Jason Simon have kept pretty busy during that period with various side and solo projects but we’re all real happy to see them back where they belong: side by side, cranking out fuzzed-up Sabbathian psychedelia like they just stepped out of a time capsule from 1972.

The Nothing They Need dropped earlier this month (on Kille’s own Xemu Records) and it’s one of the most compelling rock records I’ve heard in ages.  Built on a foundation of trance-inducing lo-fi riffery and embellished with waves of glorious psychedelic noise, The Nothing They Need blows away just about every competitor in the modern indie scene.  Not to name names, but your favorite folky jangle-pop band just got smoked by the best in the biz.

But let’s talk about “Here With the Hawk” and the super-dope video we’re totally excited to be premiering.  Definitely one of the stand out tracks on the album, “Here with the Hawk” is perhaps Dead Meadow at their most focused: 3 minutes of one stoned-to-the-bone 70s rock riff, fuzzed out into space and back, and adorned with a shimmering cloak of guitar noise and Simon’s subdued vocals.  Think Black Sabbath songs played by Pink Floyd—kind of a tired comparison, I know, but hey, if the shoe fits, right?  The video itself is real cool too, but if it’s got some kind of overarching meaning, its surely lost on me.  Things start out pretty straight forward with Kille and Simon sitting in a diner booth drinking coffee with an old Native American dude.  It pretty quickly starts to devolve into psychedelic nonsense involving magic pebbles, monstrous creatures, and fantastical machinery.  Suffice to say, it rules.

Check out the video for “Here with the Hawk” below, streaming exclusively on Culture Collide, and be sure to pick up the album The Nothing They Need!

photo by: Jessica Senteno, Philip McErlean