Video premiere: “Discipline” by Beachwood Coyotes
video premiere

Who knew an acid trip and a night hike up Beachwood Canyon would lead to some incredible melodic songs with compelling lyrics.

Well, when lead singer Nott spotted some coyotes that terrifying night it actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise. He learned on the trail that very evening, dead bodies were found decapitated from an apparent gang hit. The animals had actually saved his life and from there Beachwood Coyotes was born. Teaming up with producer Austen Moret, the band reaches a whole new level, mixing samples of electronic sounds as well as hip-hop, rock, Jazz and funk.

Beachwood Coyotes have had some big accomplishments thus far in their career, with their newest video “Discipline” definitely living up to the hype.

“Discipline” is a song with a powerful tale of self-reflection and the reality of getting older.  The sharp synths and soft, gentle backing vocals compliment each other perfectly and really make the song soar. The visual has a very minimalistic approach yet still manages to be engaging with its various use of texture, lighting and movement. Check out the video for “Discipline” below.

photo by: courtesy of the artist