Video Premiere: Commentary on Privilege and Power, Glass Dove’s “Terrible Secrets”

Nashville indie rock artist, Glass Dove, has just released the video for his single, “Terrible Secrets”.

The track showcases dreamy harmonies and sorrowful soundscapes of gentle guitars, whimsical drums and delicate keyboard.

It’s a profoundly thought-provoking narration of powerful individuals who divide society to maintain privilege and how our inaction gives way to “terrible secrets”. This powerful video shedding light on the political climate opens with a student-led demonstration against gun violence, March For Our Lives.  The poignant visuals also feature President Trump and other politicals, focusing on important issues such as the government shutdown and the refugee crisis.

Before Josh Benus took on his musical identity as Glass Dove, the indie artist found himself faced with a series of challenges. In 2012, an emergency surgery took a dangerous turn that left Benus in critical condition, encountering severe complications that resulted in a strenuous recovery.

After many months of healing, he taught himself how to sing again. The next five years tested him in many ways. Benus’ health, as well as relationships, further deteriorated before there was light at the end of the tunnel.

Valiant in the face of turbulence, it was through an empowering pact with himself that Glass Dove was born. A simple promise to seriously pursue his art stemmed from an intense realization of how quickly things could disappear.

“All of these things were about to boil over. The only way I could deal with them was to immortalize them in song,” said Benus. “There was nothing more cathartic for me than being able to distill the bittersweet nature of the past five years into something uplifting.”

Now, he’s ready to start fresh. Creating refined songwriting and hauntingly hypnotic melodies, his five years of tumult served as an inspiration to craft highly compelling music.

Check out Glass Dove’s “Terrible Secrets” out now.


photo by: Michael Weintrob