Video Premiere: “Chinatown” by Transatlantic Duo Dizzyride
video premiere
Psychedelia, soul, and disco are spun together to create the duo Dizzyride. This multicultural mash-up of Montreal’s Zoë Kiefl and Venice’s Nicola Donà results in a cocktail of international influences.

The low dynamic throbs of their new track “Chinatown” work well with the evening scenes depicted in the accompanying music video. With a soft pop, unassuming dance-if-you-want-to beat and synchronistic vocals, the track highlights the duo’s vintage dreaminess. Filmed in Hamburg, Germany, the film follows a series of characters with haunting restraint, capturing the duo’s dark, and mysterious undertones. With a noir color scheme and style, the scenes feel like the perfect blend of retro pulp and ’60s crime film.  It’s just a taste of their upcoming EP titled Little Italy, which comes out later this month and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Check out the video for “Chinatown” below:

photo by: courtesy of the artist