Video Premiere: “Changes” by Jett Kwong
video premiere

In today’s musical landscape, marginalized voices are finding more and more collective amplification.

Solange’s 2016 album A Seat at the Table might be the apex for such a movement — a powerful step forward in an industry governed by whiteness for way too long. Even so, rarely are we exposed to the Asian American experience, and if we are it’s too often in tokenized terms. Jett Kwong is shifting that landscape with her latest video for “Changes.” Blending pop with orchestral arrangements, Jett presents a narrative that has long remained unheard. Woven throughout the track, we hear Jett’s instrument of choice, the guzheng, as it counterpoints with her vocals, flooded with both emotion and defiance. On the making of the video, Jett says,

‘Changes’ was produced by an entirely Asian American cast and crew, most of whom are mixed. All the women featured in ‘Changes’ are half Asian, half caucasian from different backgrounds. In an exploration into the visual representation of whiteness and femininity, ‘Changes’ imagines work produced for people by people who resemble them, both physically and experientially. People from mixed backgrounds often feel they are ‘strangers on two shores,’ existing in a non-space.

Watch the video for “Changes” below and keep watch for new music from Jett Kwong, due out in 2018.

photo by: courtesy of the artist