Video Premiere: Bright Righteous Set the Stage Alight with New Track “Wildfire”
video premiere

People have been debating for years what the direction of rock music will take now that its popular throne has been wholly usurped by hip hop.

Before today, I don’t think I’ve heard a new band so skillfully uphold the rock tradition with such a tangible ambition and drive to keep the genre modern and relevant.  Pay attention, because Bright Righteous is going places.

Apparently Bright Righteous has been around since 2008 making a name for themselves in their local party scene in Winnipeg, Manitoba, but have only just recently started to make waves outside of Canada.  It’s been time well spent, as the five-piece has developed a brand of electro rock that feels distinct and irreverent, yet still polished and accessible, and that powerful vibe comes through with extreme focus in the video for their new single “Wildfire.”  Bright Righteous craft a compellingly dynamic sound through the interplay of soft atmospherics and a dramatic, hard-hitting chorus (not unlike something you might hear from Muse), phased through a modern electronic production, all fronted by the energetic and talented lead singer Kevin Hogg.  Not one to be outdone by the dynamics of the musicianship, Hogg has a similarly impressive range, effortlessly transitioning from gentle verses with a voice like (no joke) a young Michael Jackson, to intense catharsis that channels (seriously) Vince Neil in his prime.

The non-narrative of the video manages to expertly capture the lyrical themes of the song without so much as a single expositional scene.  Instead, intense shots of the band cut between visuals of the cosmic and the earthly evoke feelings of glorious decay, grotesque beauty, and burning, self-destructive decadence. On the video, singer Kevin Hogg had this to say:

“’Wildfire’ touches on the dark side of lost love. It’s about seeing someone you love slowly change for the worst. Through their vices and manipulative ways, they let you down and burn you without any regard for their actions. You reach out and try to help them, but it’s hopeless. Even though you want to protect this person, you know that they will never change – you can’t help someone who is unwilling.”

Watch the video for “Wildfire” below: 

photo by: Travis Ross